Which Xbox 360 Slim is good, 4G or 250G?

Xbox 360 Slim. 4G or 250G…?

I definitely want to get a 360 for my upcoming birthday (In November so it’s not really anytime soon). But I’m wondering which of the two Slim versions I want to get. The 250G that costs $300 or the 4G which I heard is suppose to cost $200. Now the absolute only thing I need the hard drive for is saving games. But I don’t know whether or not the 4G has enough space, so can someone help me out? Also, did I get the prices right for the two versions? I not 100% sure about the 4G’s price.

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  1. Vincent

    I would go for the 250 GB system. You will not start with 4GB of space as the xbox software will be saved on the xbox itself, and you’ll save 4 GB of games in no time, especially if you get any updates or free expansions for the games you play. You’ll end up buying the larger hard drive anyway, trust me.

    I started with the 20GB pro system and ended up with 0 GB of space, :-p. Have about 15 games.


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